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Ingredient Highlight: Moringa

Ingredient Highlight: Moringa


This week we’re talking about all things moringa in order to spread more awareness about its impressive potential. It has been one of Tipson Tea's favorite herbs for years now and it was the perfect addition to our range of organic herbal infusions. 

Did you know that it is actually considered a “superfood?” This powerful green leafy vegetable grows naturally from Asia down through Africa where they use many different parts of these plants including leaves, roots or flowers, and even seeds which are used for flavorings or beverages such as tea. We know that this amazing plant can do wonders, so let us share some interesting information with you.

Moringa is a tree that has many different names and nicknames, such as the drumstick tree or benzolive. What makes it so special? Moringa can be described as an all-around superfood because not only does this miracle plant have anti-inflammatory properties but also neuroprotective benefits for your brain health! 

Due to its rich nutrient content, Moringa has been in use for over 3,000 years as a traditional remedy. Moringa was first mentioned by Indian scholars around the 2nd century AD when they called it "the never-fading tree." Since ancient times people have relied on moringa for its ability not only to offer nutritional benefits but also because of its multiple uses: you can eat the leaves raw; make tea out of them; and apply crushed leaves topically. It is also known to strengthen the immune system and fight off many common illnesses like cancer and diabetes. Moringa's versatility allows it to be used both internally or externally, making this an extremely versatile plant that can ease your life on every level from health to beauty care needs - all with natural ingredients!


Health Benefits of Moringa

Antioxidants for free radical damage

We’re all aware of the damage free radicals cause to our bodies. Neglecting the oxidative stress caused by these free radicals can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease, type II diabetes, dementia and arthritis. The Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene content in Moringa help fight against any potential damages caused by these pesky little things called “free radicals."

Stronger bones for a stronger you

When it comes to our bones, they're what makes us strong. Strong muscles without good supporting bone structure just don't cut the mustard! That's why Moringa is such a great source of Calcium and Phosphorus; both are essential for healthy bones. So drink up or take some supplements if you like, but make sure your body has enough calcium so that when life throws its inevitable curveballs like menopause at you, your powerful skeleton can handle anything!

Detoxification for a cleaner system

Moringa is a plant that has many health benefits. One of the reasons it's called "the natural detox" is because studies have shown how effective its leaves are at removing toxins from your body! Living in an environment filled with pollution often means we're consuming unhealthy food and breathing polluted air- both invitations for harmful things to enter our bodies. Moringa can help cleanse us internally by getting rid of those unwanted substances like lead or mercury which accumulate over time, leading to illnesses such as cancer if left untreated. 

No more bad hair days

Moringa leaves will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing! The high antioxidant content from the Moringa leaves strengthens follicles which in turn reduces breakage. They also reduce dandruff- another rising problem. You can promise yourself bouncy, silky soft locks with this natural treatment.

The health benefits that come from this plant are astounding. As we discussed before, there really isn't anything that moringa can't do for us in terms of our overall wellness and vitality; it's one-stop shopping at its finest when you're looking for an all-natural supplement without any side effects or nasty additives. 

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