Immune - Natural Wellbeing

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Tipson’s 100% Organic Immune Tea is the ultimate herbal concoction in a cup to enhance your total wellbeing and elevate you to a higher self. The healing and nutritional properties of this herbal infusion work its magic to help your body function at its best giving you an extra boost of energy.

⭐️ Ingredients: Organic Peppermint, organic rosehip, organic fennel, organic lemongrass, organic rooibos and organic licorice.

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Brewing Instructions

Use spring or filtered water.

One envelope per person.

220 ml of water per person.

95˚C – 100˚C.

Brew 2 to 4 minutes.

You only get the best with Tipson

100% USDA Organic

Taste the difference with Tipson Tea's 100% organic herbal infusions. Our commitment to using only the finest organic ingredients ensures that every sip is pure and full of flavor.

Caffeine Free

Sip on the soothing goodness of Tipson Tea's caffeine-free herbal infusions. Made with natural ingredients, our teas help you relax and unwind without any jitters or crashes.

Natural Ingredients
Our herbal infusions are crafted with care using only natural ingredients. Every ingredient is hand-selected to create a pure and delicious blend that's good for you and the environment.