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Beauty Is An Inside Job: Introducing Tipson Organic Beauty Teas

Beauty Is An Inside Job: Introducing Tipson Organic Beauty Teas

At Tipson, we have always believed in the power of healing our bodies from the inside. In keeping up with this belief, we thought of focusing our latest innovation on bringing you a collection of organic herbal infusions specifically designed to cater to your beauty needs. 

Inner Balance


As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, we firmly believe that “beauty is an inside job”. That philosophy is truly reflected in our Inner Balance product which is carefully crafted with organic ashwagandha. The use of this time-tested herb in this herbal infusion is aimed at using its calming and restorative properties to balance your hormones and nourish your body. In addition, this herbal infusion consists of a host of other ingredients that will contribute to restoring the natural order of your body by balancing your hormones, reducing stress and fatigue through their unique nutritional properties. 


Shape Up



This organic herbal infusion is designed to specifically help you with your weight management goals through a blend of green tea and other organic herbs that are known for their weight-controlling properties. All these ingredients are able to complement and act as an extra helping hand to help you to achieve and maintain your ideal weight and feel your best! 


Healthy Hair



Our Healthy Hair beauty tea is designed around one of the most potent ingredients hailed for its ability to nourish your hair. This ingredient is none other than the powerful organic centella leaf (gotukola). It is also blended together with a number of other nutrient-packed herbs that help with the volume, colour and the strength of your hair. Say hello to voluminous hair with lasting smoothness.


Collagen Booster



Collagen is an absolutely essential protein that helps to maintain the youthfulness and the elasticity of our skin. As we grow older, our body reduces the amount of collagen it produces, which can lead to saggy, dull skin. That is why making a collagen supplement a part of your daily routine is absolutely essential. 


This herbal infusion is crafted with organic centella leaf (gotukola) and other potent ingredients that will stimulate the natural collagen production in your body and restore the natural elasticity of your skin. 


Skin Glow



Although there are a plethora of skincare products available in the market, your skin gets its true nourishment with your body. That’s why this organic herbal tea will be the perfect fit for you! 


This herbal infusion is beautifully crafted with a combination of herbs that are known to nourish your skin from deep within. The nutritional properties of this infusion may enhance the appearance of your skin, making it more radiant, supple and may provide a lasting glow from within. 

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