Organic Ginger - Ginger Mint

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⭐️ Crafted for Well-being: Each infusion in our extraordinary herbal collection is meticulously perfected with your overall well-being in mind, making it a delightful treat for any time of the day.

⭐️ Digestive Delight: Discover the perfect post-meal brew featuring the harmonious combination of organic ginger, organic peppermint, and delicious organic liquorice. It's ideal for soothing your digestive system after a hearty meal or as a delightful accompaniment to dessert.

⭐️ Versatile Indulgence: This infusion is a versatile choice whether it's the end of a sumptuous dinner or a sweet treat. It's the perfect way to round off your meal, offering the soothing qualities of ginger, peppermint, and liquorice.

⭐️ Organic Goodness: Our herbal blend is crafted using organic ginger, peppermint, and liquorice, ensuring the purest and highest quality ingredients.

⭐️ Beautiful Presentation: Each box contains 20 tea bags, elegantly packed in a beautiful inner carton, making it a wonderful gift or a personal indulgence.

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Brewing Instructions

Use spring or filtered water.

One envelope per person.

220 ml of water per person.

95˚C – 100˚C.

Brew 2 to 4 minutes.

You only get the best with Tipson

100% USDA Organic

Taste the difference with Tipson Tea's 100% organic herbal infusions. Our commitment to using only the finest organic ingredients ensures that every sip is pure and full of flavor.

Caffeine Free

Sip on the soothing goodness of Tipson Tea's caffeine-free herbal infusions. Made with natural ingredients, our teas help you relax and unwind without any jitters or crashes.

Natural Ingredients
Our herbal infusions are crafted with care using only natural ingredients. Every ingredient is hand-selected to create a pure and delicious blend that's good for you and the environment.